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Nursing Home Health

(Date Created:07-Nov-2020)
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Pj Mentalink Care

We Have Patients with many kinds of mental illness, including but not limited to:

■Manic Depresssion
■Bipolar Disorder
■Mood Disorder
■Schizotypal Personality Disorder
■Chronic Halucination
■Drugs Dependence
■Alcohol Dependence
■Anxiety Disorder
■Alzheimer's Disease
■​Minor and Major
Depressive Disorder
■Physical Abuse
​■Panic Disorder
■Social Anxiety Disorder

​Our Mission

​We believe that PJ Mentalink Care should be part of the complete healthcare system that will allow a patient to have a holistic and complete recovery. We want PJ Mentalink Care to provide patients and their family a solution to the following issues:-

■AFFORDABILITY – We want PJ Mentalink Care to be an option for affordable healthcare by reducing the need for prolonged hospital stay.

■CONVENIENCE – We want to make it as easy as possible for a patient to have access to quality care. We can help families to take care of unmanageable patients at their home.

■QUALITY OF LIFE – We want to maintain and return the quality of life for our patients and not allow their condition to prevent them from performing their daily routines when they return home.

PJ Mentalink Care has been privately owned since 1998, but we have just created an online presence. We are a mental care home(like a nursing home) located in the heart of Petaling Jaya. We currently cater to patients of various races and religions. We provide daily counseling, hospital visits, food and exercises on a daily basis.

No. 109 Jalan Templer Section 8

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PJ Mentalink Care
Pj Mentalink Care

Tel: 0379321037
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