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Traditional Korean Herbal Medicine. L"iew Joeyshoppingmalls

Traditional Korean herbal medicine. L"IEW
Traditional Korean herbal medicine New products intro L"IEW the Guardian of women health" dear ladies /women began to experience menstruation, pregnancy, child birth and nursing since puberty. However irregular work out and lifestyle coyod lead various disease caused by deficiency of blood. Those symptoms include irregular menstruation, menstruation pain, pale complexity, mental fatigue,chest tightness, palpitations. Enriching blood and endocrine helps improved physical problem of women all age caused by blood deficiency. according research women result improver after consume hot flash,vaginal dry, nervousness fatigue, vertigo. Insomnia, rheumatic pain, melancholia. To know more pm Mr Joey wechatjoey2383/whatsapp 0123757185


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Traditional Korean herbal medicine. L
Traditional Korean Herbal Medicine. L"iew Joeysho

Tel: 0123757185
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